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Plan Your Trip

Alaska is a big place. We can help you plan your trip between the major destinations: Anchorage, Seward, Homer, Talkeetna, Denali National Park, and Fairbanks. Listen to our tours as you drive from city to city enjoying the most beautiful scenery in the country. 

Getting Around

Many visitors are seeking experiences away from the large tour groups. They are tired of waiting in lines, feeling herded from one location to the next, and riding buses or train cars in general. 


There's no better way to travel the state than with a rental car or RV. Be independent! Go where you want, when you want!


You can find rental agencies or Turo listings in cities with major airports, like Anchorage and Fairbanks. 


Once you have a vehicle, you're truly free to explore!


You drive, we'll provide the tour.

Download the app from the App Store. 

We'll take you on a journey on the open road and take they mystery out of the wilderness that lies ahead.


3 Things You Need For Daily Adventures

Your trunk will be full with all your gear, but on your day trips you will need ...


Layers of Clothing

There's a saying in Alaska, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. Be prepared for changing weather conditions.


A Camera

It doesn't matter if it's a professional quality Kodak or the camera on your phone, you will want to take pictures. 


An Adventurous Attitude

You have to be ready for anything, and you can't let yourself go sour if you encounter rain or mosquitoes. And allow yourself to take fun detours on paths you didn't plan for.  


This is the most urban area of Alaska, but the wilderness is only steps away. Plenty to see and do, from museums to hiking trails. 


Known as the playground of Alaska. Scenic views with many opportunities for adventure from hiking to fishing. Mountain passes and coastal views. 


This part of the highway is about as wild as it gets. Look for Denali to be looming on the west side of the road. Might see moose or bears along the highway. Pretty incredible!

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